Use your

to be a kinder more compassionate person


Your Feedback is always the priority

If you see anything wrong / have a suggestion, I'll attack that as soon as humanly possible.


Notifications & Suggestions

I would like to revamp the suggestions feature. So that, you can slide from one to the other (think Tinder). And send a local notification if the Compassion Challenge is being been taken on.


Android Release

Don't worry. I haven't forgotten about you.

Just testing and getting the app right on iPad & iPhones first!


Combine the compassion

At the minute, the app records your personal kindness.

But wouldn't it be cool if we could combine all our individual actions and accomplish something huge?

If you have any ideas please contact me below in the help me section.

The app is out please download it!

Your feedback will be the most amount of help & I'm looking for any oppurtunity to talk / collaborate / improve the app so if you have any idea, I'm keen to listen.

If anything comes to mind or you have any thoughts / suggestions / threats please contact me either using the options in the app or in the form above.

see more work.