Mr Moonhead

I'm an artist turned physicist turned videogame designer turned web developer.
I use my skills to help others and build beautiful digital products.
Check out my portfolio and more recent work for Rebel Minds.

Virtually Free

Improving mental health with games.
Populate a 3D island as you progress in therapy.


Help people with a daily kindness.
Provide people with ideas if they don't have any.

Your Brain On Fun

Animations on why you love the things you love.
Born from my fascination & love for the brain.

Work at Rebel Minds


Plumis needed a solid platform to allow installers to design fire sprinkler installations efficiently, legally and on-the-go.

The Automist toolkit is an intelligent fire sprinkler design platform that allows installers to plan, simulate and share sprinkler systems.


Go-Ahead London operate over 2,300 buses and employ over 7,600 staff operating from various sites in the capital.

Their new website comes with a custom made content management system and an interactive map where users check and map their travel plans.


A mobile game which sees players turn on each other as they try to work out who they can trust.

An internal product based on the popular physical card game Avalon, pitched and developed at Rebel Minds.

Kindness (2016)

I'm working on an app that will hopefully help people foster more compassion through daily kindness.

Before it hits the app stores, I created a device emulator so people can try it out (not on mobile)
and give me feedback before it's available on the app stores.

Please be aware, I use high-quality .gifs suitable for mobile devices (not web).
As a result, animations can (at times) look a little janky

Stress Free (2014 / 2015)

My main project for Virtually Free is Stress Free. Initially, a collection of different therapies.
These audio-led therapy sessions take time to complete. My mission was to entertain users enough to stick with the programme.
I did this through a simple island building game.This created a narrative for users to work through their therapy schedule and progress is rewarded with rich visuals.

Stress Free also provides games that compliment the therapy. Zen Garden is a stress-reducing logic puzzle.
The user is unable to overlap the sand they have raked. The zen game has procedurally generated levels and two levels of difficulties. Journey Through Breath implements therapy directly into the game. The user must breath with the visual cues and then embark on a first person journey.

A lot of our software uses exposure therapy to guide cognitive behaviour.
The oculus rift component to Stress Free helps people with social anxiety by exposing them to a public speaking simulator.
As the therapy progresses the simulator can be manipulated. For instance, the crowd can turn as the user's speech becomes more complicated.

Click here to see a video overview or watch the Tech For Good press piece.


Your Brain On Fun

Your brain on fun is one part blog and one part animated series on why that valuable piece of meat in your head loves video games, kanye west and straight-to-video nick cage catastrophes.

Why we human beings are wired to watch a pug fall over in yoda outfits for ten minutes then watch a TED talk.

This blog is dedicated to all those times that you say to Mike (over a beer) or Kara (at the watercooler), “I have no idea why I watch this… but I love it”

If you want to learn how and why things grab your attention then click here to read on.

Git Commit Feed

I put together a software package at Rebel Minds that takes a picture or creates an animated gif of the person git committing their work.
Below, are a live feed of results as I work!

For the love of God hide the commits
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